June 17, 2020 – The 602 Late Model Sportsman Series Inaugural Race will be June 20th at North Florida Speedway and Race #2 will be July 11th at Volusia Speedway Park.
It was decided that June 6th was a busy day for that class and one of the goals for the Series is to not make Teams have to decide where to race, one of the other goals has been to not add any races to the schedule of any track. The race dates are races that are already scheduled at that particular track on the same weekend as the FLMCS races, the Television and Media coverage is already in place for that event weekend and the 602 Series will benefit from that coverage.
There has been extensive discussion about the rule package for the 602 Series, the decision is to run the Florida Late Model Rule package with the following exceptions:
1. 602 Crate motor only
2. 2400# weight with a 25# break for fully Automatic Fire Suppression System
3. Bump Springs will not be allowed but Bump Stops will be

The rules and details about the Series schedule will be posted in a separate section of the website www.FloridaLateModels.com

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