The Florida Late Model Challenge Series and the new 602 Late Model Sportsman Series is proud to announce that the Quicksilver 357 engine has been approved to compete in both Series as a 602 option.

Here is some information on the Quicksilver 357 motor, it is basically identical to the GM 602, all aftermarket parts are interchangeable, visually you cannot tell them apart.

They are a remanufactured engine sealed by Quicksilver, these motors are assembled in the same factory as the GM motors, they are backed by Mercury and sold through their Quicksilver aftermarket parts division. there is no authorized rebuilder. The factory can offer a bounty on your used motor based on condition when you are ready to replace it. They have inventory in warehouses all over the country and will not have any supply issues, the motors are available at dealers all over the country and we have made arrangements with the Speed Store in Deland Florida to carry inventory and offer them fully dressed with the aftermarket parts requested.

The Quicksilver 357 basically has equivalent Horsepower and Torque as the GM 602 all at slightly less RPM. The valve train is designed to be more reliable and last longer than the GM 602. It is designed to run on low octane fuel but it will run well on high octane or E85.

This motor program started in 2016 and was developed at tracks in the Tennessee area, they run in a series and at several tracks in that area, they are competitive with the GM 602 and run side by side with them. Reliability is their main strength, pricing is relatively the same and there are no aftermarket builders to suspect tampering.

The Quicksilver 357 motor will be legal in the FLMCS and the Late Model Sportsman Series this year, I have spoken with everyone involved at the tracks first so they have first hand knowledge, I have been researching and meeting about this for quite some time now and I firmly believe this will be a great program for the racers.

Tom Whipple
Florida Late Model Challenge Series
602 Late Model Sportsman Series .